Rockshox 30 Gold TK 100mm 29er Fork

Supplied by: Evans Cycles

Rockshox 30 Gold TK 100mm 29er Fork. Gold level performance, without the Gold price. At RockShox, their sole focus is to provide a product that allows riders to go faster and ride with more control and comfort. This applies to all riders, not just the professionals who have a regimented diet and train hard every day. Rockshox's engineers are as dedicated to delivering superior ride quality on 30 Gold as their World Cup-winning SIDs and BoXXers.

Price: £223.99


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3T Funda Pro Carbon Forks - Tapered Steerer: FUNDA is a range of forks for racing and sports bikes. Constructed entirely in carbon-fibre, FUNDA forks benefit from 3T's designed-for-composites philosophy for strength, lightness and perfect handling. Featuring a 1 1/4" to 1 1/8" Tapered steerer. Weight: 371g Material: Carbon Wheel size: 700c Fork rake: 43mm Steerer: 11/4" to 11/8" Tapered Carbon fibre monolithic design Optimal airflow

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Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 1 Tapered Suspension Forks: The Dirt Jumper 1 uses the bomb-proof RV open bath damper with coil spring and air pre-load. With the extra strength of a tapered steerer and 20mm bolt through lowers they are simple to set up and simple to look after. Open Bath Marzocchi have always been advocates of the open bath system as it has many advantages over a closed damper, in fact I would go as far to say that the only negative this design has is ultimately its biggest positive. Since suspension forks need to rapidly telescope, moving up and down thousands of times a ride, bushings should be coated in a bath of oil allowing friction free movement. The only deign that truly accomplishes stiction-less performance is Marzocchi's proven "Open Bath" technology. Since oil completely bathes the internal bushings, seals and cartridges all the moving parts glide smoothly; this eliminates friction that causes forks to feel harsh and unresponsive. Because of the larger oil volume it takes longer for the oil to get dirty, which in turn reduces seal and bushing wear. The higher oil volume keeps temperatures under control. Closed cartridges (a rear shocks for example) work very hard in confined spaces which creates friction which in turn causes heat therefore this heat causes damping fade, so a higher volume of oil will give a more consistent level of performance over extended runs. Lastly the performance remains at a consistently higher level for longer. With low oil/ closed systems the performance drop can be huge if the fork isn't correctly maintained. This can also contribute to worn stanchions as the fork dries out. Rebound Valve The RV (Rebound Valve) pumping element is the evolution of the well proven SSVF Open Bath system. This system controls the rebound speed of the fork. If this correctly adjusted you can keep the wheel in contact with the soil in all riding conditions. #Features Usage: Dirt Jumping Travel: 100mm Left Leg: Steel coil spring 9.5Nmm Right Leg: RV - adjustable rebound damping, open bath piston Spring: Coil+ Air Preload Wheel Size: 26" Axle: 20mm QR Stanchions: 32mm alloy stanchions black anodized Steerer: 1.1/8" - 1.5" tapered aluminium Brake Mounts: 6" post mount. Max 203mm Disc Weight: 2250g 3 Year warranty without any servicing conditions - service your fork as and when you feel necessary. Fit and forget reliability

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Rockshox Pike RCT3 - Solo Air - Forks - 29er - 2014 140mm

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